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Mental Health and Wellbeing Leadership Programme

Developing Schools Leaders to raise Outcomes and Wellbeing

Become a lead in Mental Health


With the ever-growing mental health crisis in schools, we know how difficult it can be to ensure the best possible provision for all children.

Our programme provides you with the tools (MBS Toolkit), knowledge (through our WHAM! Team) and skills (real experiences) to support you in developing a bespoke approach to wellbeing for your school.

The Government’s new proposals highlight the need for each school to have:

  • A dedicated lead for mental health and wellbeing
  • A staff that is well educated about mental health for all pupils.
  • Relationship education and PSHE to encompass wellbeing.


Our Team and Approach

The MBS Toolkit: The programme is the only course that trains professionals in using the MBS Toolkit—allowing schools to tailor their approach to wellbeing according to need. The MBS Toolkit uses 28 different ‘units’ that schools can introduce in order to raise wellbeing and physical development to indirectly raise resilience and academic outcomes over time and provide a bespoke experience to their community.

Longwood Primary Academy: Longwood has been awarded both regional and national awards for mental health and wellbeing. It was graded (Ofsted 2017) as outstanding for leadership and management along with Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare. It was shortlisted in the national TES Awards ‘Healthy School of the Year’ and winner of ‘Employer of the Year’.

WHAM! Outreach Service has provided over 50 schools in Essex and London with support around mental health and wellbeing - their package is highly regarded by professionals.



Our year long Mental Health and Wellbeing Leaders Programme combines deep knowledge base with planning tools, reflection and resources to support participants to develop a holistic and bespoke approach to wellbeing at a whole-school level.

The programme will support participants to become specialists in wellbeing, equipped with the knowledge and skills to lead mental health and wellbeing strategy across their school.


As a Wellbeing Leader you will:

  • Engage critically with the research surrounding good practice in mental health and wellbeing, applying this in your own setting to support the learning outcomes of your pupils.
  • Evaluate current wellbeing and mental health provision in your school through observation and analysis, then use these findings to develop a whole-school action plan.
  • Undertake an Impact Project to identify and develop best practice.
  • Lead in-house wellbeing CPD and staff development to embed the approach across your whole school.
  • Join a wider network of educational leaders working at the forefront of a movement to raise the status of wellbeing in schools across the UK


The Mental Health and Wellbeing Programme is for you, if:

  • You have/will have a role within the senior team with an interest in wellbeing and mental health.
  • You feel that you’re ready to lead innovation and approaches across your whole school.
  • Your school has identified wellbeing as priority and will support you to lead at a whole-school level.
  • You are passionate about the wellbeing of all (including staff) and the difference it could make to pupils across your school.


The Programme

Application process Monday 3rd September until Friday 7th December 2018

Applications must be via the application form and emailed (see p.6).


Wellbeing Training Tuesday 22nd January and Tuesday 5th March 2019

The MHW Lead Programme begins with two days in enhancing mental health and wellbeing knowledge. This includes training in using the MBS Toolkit, attachment awareness, benchmarking and assessment.


Wellbeing and Mental Health at Longwood 7th May 2019

A chance to be trained, visit and be part of the Longwood Mind, Body and Soul Experience (home of the MBS Toolkit) and time to talk to the WHAM! Outreach team about the journey from special measures to outstanding wellbeing.


Leading Mental Health in school 9th July 2019

A day dedicated to developing you as a Mental Health and Wellbeing Champion. You will have the chance to reflect on current school and national issues as well as talk to professionals in their field regarding wellbeing and mental health leadership.


Staff Wellbeing 8th October 2019

We take you through whole and individual staff wellbeing, including the development of your own CPD, retention, wellbeing and mental health package for your staff. You will also see individuals who use Longwood’s ‘TEACH-REST-PLAY’ approach (TES Winner—Employer of the Year 2018).


Celebration Team Conference 26th November 2019

We celebrate and share best practice in a TeachMeet style conference day, sharing our experiences with other members of the group and also open the doors to others in our schools to hear best practice.

Mental Health and Wellbeing Leadership Programme Booklet

Deadlines for applications is: Friday 7th December 2018.

Contact (payments and bookings) (for other course details)

Phone: 01279 866 155


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