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Common features in all NET schools


We work as a cluster of schools, sharing best practice.

From graduates and NQTs to head teachers, we work in partnership with each other, meeting regularly. Whether it’s staff planning, curriculum delivery or making a significant change in our schools, we work together. Our shared school day, timetables and curriculum content are just a few examples. Our children collaborate too. We have many events across our schools in which they can work together, compete against each other and have fun.

Continuous Improvement: 

We are relentless in our pursuit of excellence and are continually looking for ways to improve our practice.

We regularly review what we do, looking at what works in our schools and comparing it to best practice nationally. We pilot national research and implement evidence based best practice across our schools, such as our child wellbeing and mental health programme. We appoint key staff such as lead practitioners who work across our schools to support our teachers in the planning and delivery of the curriculum.


We nurture relationships with our school communities to empower children and encourage them to flourish in an environment of high expectations.

We work in partnerships with our families and the wider community. Regular questionnaires and parent forums enable us to keep abreast of parents’ views and ideas. We have a dedicated family worker as part of our inclusion team who works alongside our families in many capacities.

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