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Useful Links


Let's Get Together is our blueprint for working with parents.

We want to support and work with families to get the best outcomes in wellbeing, physical health and academic success that we possibly can. 

Let's Get Together is comprised of 12 elements. Each one of these elements has a range of specific programmes and actions that supports school-parent-child relationships.

Our elements are also linked to EEF recommendations for best practice:


Click on the links below to see more on each element from Waltham Holy Cross.

0-3 parent networking
Early Years parent engagement
Parent reading initiative
Parent learning package
Home wellbeing programme
Online app support
Linking home and school learning
Healthy eating and exercise guidance
Family support team
Supporting school events
Parent voice and direction
Suggested weekend family activities

and promoting
excellent practice
and innovation
in academies.

leading innovation support for schools case studies