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 Having the specialist team has helped me grow professionally as I develop skills to run and lead specific interventions such as Breaking Barriers or Attention Time."

Intervention Lead


As a relatively new teacher, it's been hugely beneficial to have easy and immediate access to a range of specialists to help me plan a personalised curriculum for an autistic child who is pre-verbal. Without it, I feel I would not be able to provide exactly what the child needs

Year 3 Teacher

 I have found the recent evidence-based training on ASD or DLD not only informative but also incredibly useful. It has made an immediate impact on my practise. Within the session I was reflecting on children on my caseload, with one child springing to mind where, without this training, I was feeling a bit perplexed by his needs. Since the training, I have already actioned additional assessments, support and made progress towards a referral to further support this child, and the family, thanks to the insight from the training

HILT – Lead Practitioner for SEND 

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