Pupil voice is key to our successes at Longwood Primary.

Our pupils, over their course of education at the school, may be given on of the following responsibilities to voice the need for improvements and change:

  • SCHOOL COUNCIL MEMBER – meet with Mrs Line to discuss fund raising and activities to develop school ethos.
  • SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT OFFICER – meet with Miss Ewers regarding teaching standards, school provision and hold the third chair of staff interviews. Class emembers report complaints and concerns to them.
  • PLAYGROUND BUDDY – meet with Miss George and are on hand every day.
  • SCHOOL ADVOCATE – selected through a democratic vote, they meet visitors, organise events and meet with Mr Hollinsley
  • CLASS ADVOCATE – the face of their class – they meet visitors to explain their learning and answer questions from parents and other adults.
  • WELLBEING COMMITTEE MEMBER – meet with Mr. Hollinsley to discuss the happiness and wellbeing of all children. They are also the strategic group for the award winning Kenny Approach.