Teaching Staff

Executive Headteacher – Mrs J Coton

Mr J Hollinsley – Headteacher
Miss H Ewers – Deputy Headteacher

Mrs A Alex – Class Teacher
Miss C Chuck – Class Teacher
Mr M Fordyce – Class Teacher
Miss L Hiscoke – Class Teacher
Mrs L Keevil – Class Teacher
Mr P Kelly – Class Teacher
Mrs A Line – Class Teacher
Miss L Roche – Class Teacher
Miss L Rose – Class Teacher
Ms S Taylor – Class Teacher
Mrs K Tindall – Nursery Teacher
Mrs S Jarvis – Graduate Teacher
Mr C Ringe – Graduate Teacher
Mr A Cowan – ICT Teacher

Support Staff

Miss H Brooks – LSA
Miss J Burns – LSA
Mrs D Coe – LSA
Mrs N Dye – LSA
Miss L Evans – LSA
Mrs J Hart – LSA
Mrs T Howard – LSA
Miss R Huntley – LSA
Miss G Jones – LSA
Miss M Lavelle – LSA
Mrs S McParland – LSA
Miss C Pattimore – LSA
Mrs L Sterbak – LSA
Mrs B Stone – LSA
Ms V Sukic – LSA

Mrs L Monk – Office Manager
Mrs S McGuire – Admin Assistant
Mr S Clayton – Site Manager
Mrs B Noruwa – Cleaner
Mr M Pillai – Cleaner
Ms S Barker – Catering Manager
Mrs L Ford – Catering Assistant
Miss D Quick – Catering Assistant
Mrs K Emerson – Catering Assistant
Mrs J Gallo – Midday Supervisor
Mrs G Bushnell – Midday Assistant
Mrs P Campbell – Midday Assistant
Mrs C Morgan – Midday Assistant
Mrs L Williams – Midday Assistant
Mrs S Wood – Midday Assistant
Miss E Parker – Midday Assistant


Hub Staff

Mr G Jones – Lead Practitioner Maths
Mrs J Todd – Lead Practitioner English
Ms M Wagstaff – Art Teacher
Mrs C Latham – Art Technician
Mr R Hore – PE Teacher
Mr C Bailey – PE Teacher
Mrs S Newton – Parent Support Worker
Mrs A Hanson – Director of Inclusion
Mrs N Eves – SENCO Admin
Mrs L Wagstaff – Safeguarding Officer
Mrs J Taaffe – Chief Operating Officer
Mrs C Thawley – Finance Manager
Mrs A Shaw – Personnel, Payroll and Finance
Ms M Conway – Finance Assistant
Miss R Rose – Finance Assistant
Mrs S Taaffe – PA to CEO