Meet the Pupil Advocates from Year 6 at Latton Green.

Hi, I am one of the five Pupil Advocates that were chosen to represent the school during the school year 2017-18. I felt honoured when I was chosen and I will do my best throughout the year. I was chosen because I am not afraid to show visitors around our school. I intend to be as much help to everyone in the school as I can be this year.

Hi, I am a Pupil Advocate and I feel honoured to have got this job as I had a strong desire to get it. As a Pupil Advocate you get to be involved in many activities and meetings in the school where you can bring up suggestions about school improvements. I hope I will be a great support to my Head of School, my teachers and the younger children.

This year I’ve been chosen for the role of Pupil Advocate at Latton Green. I am really enjoying this job because I am responsible for supporting teachers and encouraging other children to always do their best (by being a positive role model). At our school we have LGLP, which is a leadership programme to help all children to get involved in school improvement.

I am honoured to be a Pupil advocate at Latton Green. I got the position by having training, completing an application form and having an interview. This role will prepare me for secondary school because they will have similar roles and doing it now will help build my confidence. I love the library at our school because it is filled with books and nearly as big as a public library!

I am a Pupil Advocate at Latton Green. I applied for this role because I like helping people, am kind and caring and think I can make a difference. My most loved subject in maths as the way we learn it at school is fun. My favourite part of being a Pupil Advocate is supporting the Class R children. I am a very sporty person, I love football and swim for a Harlow team.