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Community Engagement at NET Academies Harlow!

The NET Academies in Harlow are proud of our work within the community. As part of our vision to develop children into global citizens, we employ a family support worker Miss Newton, who shares our vision in developing children and engaging parents in our academy cluster. We offer family learning courses, including craft and cooking courses, healthy eating, maths, parenting, first aid, ready steady science, gardening, managing behaviour, secondary school transfer – the list goes on!

We currently have two very successful English as a Second Language courses, which are free to our parents. These are run weekly, to give parents the opportunity to meet people with similar backgrounds to themselves, whilst integrating and settling into the community. We tailor our courses to parent choices at each academy. NET Academies are committed to bringing families together to learn new skills, engage in the learning process and be involved in the community.

We have received fantastic feedback!

Crafty Heads,

I really enjoyed being able to spend time with my daughter. I learnt how to mix colours and
enjoyed getting messy together. The tutor was brilliant! 

Healthy Eating, 

I learnt about fats, hidden sugars in foods and portion sizes. My son enjoyed trying all the different foods! 

My child found it fun to be cooking and tried things that they won’t normally try at home. 

It was brilliant, so much fun and I also got to know other parents. Thank you so much! 

Understanding Children, 

The tutor was so knowledgeable and help me to see how I can do things differently. I felt that I could trust the tutor. 

Early Words Together, 
I found our that my first child learns to read and then he reads to learn. Loved the sessions, really fun and I learnt that what my child produces is great and does not need to be perfect. Praise, praise, praise! 

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