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Year 1

Welcome back Year 1!


Throughout the summer, we will continue with the topic ‘Space’. Year 1 thoroughly enjoyed learning about space and the solar system when venturing into the science dome that visited our school at the beginning of last term. The children really loved this interactive and engaging way of learning and they learnt a lot from this session. We have also learnt about, and made a fact file about the Vincent van Gogh. After looking at his painting ‘The starry night’ we practised using our painting skills and his technique of drawing lots of lines to paint our own version of the night sky.

NEWS FLASH…! During the second part of the summer term, Year 1 will be arranging a fashion show to showcase the space themed T-shirts that we have designed and made in class. We are really excited about this event and hope that someone from every family will attend! We are going to be making and designing invitations so watch this SPACE for more information! In the meantime, we would be grateful if you could send an old white T-shirt into school with your child ready for Topic week after the half term break.


In Year 1, we use the Ruth Miskin’s Read Write Inc Phonics and all children have been re-assessed and put into attainment groups to allow them to access the curriculum as well as make progress. In addition, as the children will undergo a Phonics screening test in June, this will be most beneficial to them.  It is crucial that you practise the phonics sounds daily with your child so that they will feel secure and confident with all sounds. If you are unsure, please refer to the Ruth Miskin

(Set 2 and 3 sounds) or feel free to speak to your child’s class teacher.

We will also continue to develop our writing and grammar skills by planning and writing our own stories with a space theme which will include designing and describing characters and settings. We plan to use persuasive language to create an advert to sell the T-shirts that we have made during week as well as learning a poem about space and writing our own.


Throughout the second part of the summer term, we will continue with the Maths programme ‘Singapore Maths’. The children absolutely love this new way of learning and the pictures as well as concrete objects help them to get a better mathematical understanding.

This term, we will be looking at the value of coins and using money so it would be great if you could help your children to pay and collect the change when you are at the supermarket! Also we will be practising our measuring skills when learning about volume, capacity and mass.

In terms of supporting your child at home, we ask that you practise counting up to 100 from any given number so that your child will become confident with all numbers up to 100. We will continue to practise our mental Maths, including number bonds to 20 and the 2, 5 and 10 times table. These skills are crucial, so please ensure that you practise these 10-15 minutes daily at home as well.


We have sent home the homework grids containing activities for your child to complete. Throughout the term one activity needs to be completed by the end of each week, however all homework must be submitted by the last Friday of this half-term. This homework will not be marked as the main aim is to help the children develop their knowledge of the topic. In addition to the homework grid, children are also expected to practise their spellings and times table daily ready for the tests every Friday. Children are also expected to read daily for at least 5-10 minutes and parents to sign their reading records.


Useful websites to help at home:


PE Lessons: Year 1’s PE lessons are on Thursday. They are required to have PE kits containing a white t-shirt, black shorts or tracksuit bottoms and trainers.

Miss Ricketts and Miss Uyanik

For Year 1 homework grid please click this link

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