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For the 30 children performing in the Junior Music Festival 2016 – You’ve got a friend in me’, click on the link below to access the music to practice at home. Mrs Davies has given you the password for it.


Here are some of the songs we have been learning in singing assemblies so far this year:

You Cant Stop The Beat – Hairspray


The Lion Sleeps tonight – The Lion King


Chay Chay Koolay

Leader:        Kye Kye Kule  (chay chay koo-lay)
Chorus:         Kye Kye Kule

Leader:        Kye Kye Kofinsa (chay chay koh-feen sah)
Chorus:         Kye Kye Kofisa

Leader:        Kofisa Langa   (Koh-fee sah lahn-gah)
Chorus:         Kofisa Langa

Leader:        Kaka Shilanga   (Kah-kah shee lahn-gah)
Chrous:         Kaka Shilanga

Leader:        Kum Aden Nde  (koom ah-dehn day)
Chorus:         Kum Aden Nde

Leader:        Kum Aden Nde  (koom ah-dehn day)
Chorus:         Kum Aden Nde, HEY! 


If you have any songs that you would like to learn in school, please come and let me know.


Mrs Davies

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