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Welcome to Reception!

This term Milne and Potter Class have been busy reading a variety of Traditional Tales. Each week we have been looking at a new story based on the topic and our role play areas have been set up so the children can recall and act out these stories in the fairy tale castle in Potter Class. Next we will be learning about Summer and reading books about the seaside. Milne Class have a Travel Agents role play area where the children can book holidays and go on adventures together to explore another country.

In Phonics both classes have been using their knowledge of sounds and tricky words to start writing sentences using finger spaces, full stops and capital letters. They are all in a group that is specific to their needs and will help build their confidence and creativity in writing. The children are being encouraged to recall stories and then write about them.

In Numeracy the children will be recapping their knowledge of numbers. They will continue to count in twos, fives and tens and practise forming these numbers correctly.  We will be counting groups of objects and learning to add more or less. They will use number lines, objects and songs to help consolidate these skills. We will be looking at capacity and floating and sinking in the coming weeks.

Both Potter and Milne classes have worked hard as they prepare to host their class assembly. Potter Class will be talking about a variety of Traditional Tales and Milne Class will be sharing their knowledge of mini-beasts.

The children welcome you to these special events:

Potter Class Assembly: Tuesday 13th June 2pm

Milne Class Assembly: Tuesday 20th June 2pm

Other key dates:

Reception Class Trip to Wellington Country Park: Friday 30th June

Milne Class Graduation: Monday 17th July 10.15- 11.15 am

Potter Class Graduation:

Sports Day:

P.E:  This will take place weekly on Fridays.

For further curriculum information please click this link:

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