At Abbotsweld Primary Academy we strive for the best by involving the whole community, including pupils, in our continuous school improvement. Through the promotion of British Values, in particular democracy, Pupil voice is a way that pupils are involved in this school community.


The different Pupil Voice opportunities at Abbotsweld are:


Head Boy and Head Girl


Pupil Advocates

Ula, Year 6

I was really keen to be a Pupil Advocate because I wanted to help teachers (make lunchtime easier for them) and children (inspire them to do their best). I felt that I could be a good role model and provide guidance to other pupils to have a better day at school.

Being a Pupil Advocate makes me feel more responsible and caring. It will help me develop my skills such as leadership listening and being able to give advice. Being a Pupil Advocate will encourage me to be more confident, especially talking in large crowds.

What I would like to achieve this year is to be more a good leader and a responsible citizen. I would like to solve issues in the school. Finally, I would also love to give ideas on how to make the school a better place.

Karina, Year 6

I really wanted to be a Pupil Advocate so that I could help others. This year I want to make the school the best that we can. When I was chosen to be a Pupil Advocate I was so surprised- I never dreamt that I would actually be one! Now that I am a Pupil Advocate I will do the best job that I can. I’ll help the children and I hoped by the end of the year I have made everyone a smile!

Keira, Year 6

I have always wanted to be a Pupil Advocate because I have always wanted to help pupils, teachers and everyone else at Abbotsweld. I feel proud that I am a Pupil Advocate- it is so exciting. I hope to become a role model to others and help people if they have any problems, whilst I am a Pupil Advocate.

Class Advocates

School Council

Sports Council

Play Leaders