As part of our commitment to developing our PE and Sporting provision we are actively involved in the  ‘Your School Games’ initiative. Please feel free to follow the link below for information about our up and coming fixtures and news about our successes:

Your School Games is part of the Olympic Legacy that allows schools to both track and participate in sporting activity, leadership and competition.



There are three levels of competition that schools can participate in, these being Level 1 (Intra-School Competition), Level 2 (Inter-School Competition) and Level 3 (Higher Level Inter-School Competition).

Level 1: At Abbotsweld we have taken part in a huge number of intra-school competitions this year. Within lessons, pupils will have experienced Level 1 competitions in activities including; Football, Tag Rugby, Hockey, Athletics, Longball, Rounders, Dodgeball, Benchball (Mat Ball), Multiskills, Netball, Basketball, Boxing and Rugby Netball to name a few!

We have also had pupils participating in Level 1 Competition at our Sports Relief Celebrations which we Multiskills and Athletics based and of course, we have our School Games Day (or Sports Day) booked in for the June 30th.

Level 2: Our Level 2 Competitions have included participating against some of the other Primary Schools within the Harlow Area. These competitions have included the NET Academies Triangular Series against Latton Green and Longwood and involved pupils in KS2 participating in Football, Tag Rugby and Rugby Netball Fixtures. We also participated in the Harlow Football Cup and had some fantastic performances in the early rounds of the competition before coming up against strong opposition in the shape of Sheering Primary School.

As well as some addition Level 1 competitions, we still have some Level 2 events in both Rounders and Athletics to come before the end of the year!



Your School Games also aims to get pupils leading some of our sporting activities to help them develop some additional skills that will help them outside of the PE environment. At Abbotsweld we have almost 25 pupils from Year 4-6 taking part in Leadership as part of our Active Play activities during lunchtimes as well as at some of our extra-curricular clubs. During Active play, pupils experience a numbers of roles and challenges including organising equipment for their area, leading the activities on offer and refereeing competitions.



As part of the Your School Games programme we also track pupil participation in sporting activity throughout the year and have been hoping to a minimum of 20% of the school population participating in extra-curricular sport (that’s sports outside of the 2 hours of PE pupils receive each week). Through offering a number of clubs including Boxing, Fitness Bootcamps, Football, Rounders, Tag Rugby and Netball (to name a few!) we have achieved this figure and are hoping to increase it further next year.